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Meet Robin Little, Founder & CEO

My culinary journey has its roots in the cherished memories of watching my grandparents cook. Their kitchen was a place of connection, where every meal carried conversations, decisions, and moments that bonded our family. Their love and energy laid the foundation for my own cooking philosophy.

In 2001, my life took an unexpected turn with health challenges that led to multiple diagnoses. Conventional treatments seemed to offer only temporary relief. Seeking an alternative, I turned to cannabis for pain management, and it was a revelation. The healing power of cannabis inspired me to delve into its benefits and share my discoveries with loved ones. The positive response fueled a shift within me, and my connection to cannabis deepened.

A newfound passion ignited, merging my love for cannabis and cooking. In 2016, The Greenleaf Potion

was born – a convergence of my culinary expertise and cannabis exploration. I hosted private gatherings where friends and family could experience my creations, rekindling the joy of shared laughter, conversations, and connections.

These gatherings mirrored the spirit of my childhood, elevating minds and defying stereotypes. Thus, The Greenleaf Experience was born – not merely an event, but an embodiment of a holistic vibe. A vibe that resonates with positivity, mindful elevation, and the removal of stigmas.

Greenleaf represents more than an experience; it encapsulates a complete way of being...

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